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Five ways to improve workplace diversity

May 30, 2017, marks Diversity Day, an initiative from the Charta der Vielfalt. What can employers and policymakers do to achieve and promote workplace diversity?

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    Ulf Rinne, Deputy Director of Research at IZA, talks about the merits and problems of anonymous job applications, which are also discussed in his IZA World of Labor article.

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    Gender wage gaps and women’s underrepresentation in leadership positions exist at remarkably similar magnitudes across countries at all levels of income per capita. Women’s educational attainment and labor market participation have improved, but this has been insufficient to close the gaps. A combination of economic forces, cultural and social norms, discrimination, and unequal legal rights appear to be contributing to gender inequality. A range of policy options (such as quotas) have been implemented in some countries; some have been successful, whereas for others the effects are still unclear.