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  • Women at Work Around the World

    Female labor force participation is mainly driven by the value of women’s market wages versus the value of their non-market time. While women’s labor force participation has risen in many countries, rates remain quite low in some countries and regions. 

  • The labor market in Italy, 2000–2016

    Italy’s labor market performance is characterized by pronounced differences across age groups. Young individuals are facing high unemployment and low participation rates, while older individuals have seen their participation and employment levels increase. Regional differences are still significant, as shown by a more dynamic north and a stagnant south.

  • Five common fears about immigration

    Migration's impact on the native labor force is a major concern among politicians, policymakers, and the public, and is a key factor in shaping migration policy. Research shows that immigration and emigration have positive and negative implications for the native workforce, and that these often differ sharply from public perceptions and media coverage

  • IZA Chief Executive Officer Hilmar Schneider on IZA World of Labor

    IZA Chief Executive Officer Hilmar Schneider discusses how IZA World of Labor's mission to help society by providing evidence-based articles in an easily understandable language.

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