Nina Smith

Aarhus University, Denmark, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson


Gender gap, Top management positions, Gender quotas, Board of directors, Childcare




Danish - Native speaker, English - Non-native speaker, German - Non-native speaker

Media experience

Print, Digital, Television, Radio



45 87165565

Current position

Professor, School of Economics and Management, Aarhus University, Denmark, and Research Fellow, IZA, Germany

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Member of the Council of Economic Advisors; Member of several government commissions and councils; Chairman of the Danish independent Research Council (2004–2007); Chairman of KORA (Danish Institute for Regional and Local Government Research)


MSc Economics, Aarhus University, 1981

Selected publications

  • “Selection and network effects—Migrations flows into OECD countries 1990–2000.” European Economic Review 52:7 (2008): 1160–1186 (with P. J. Pedersen and M. Pytlikova).

  • “The effect of marriage on education of immigrants: Evidence from a policy reform restricting marriage migration.” Scandinavian Journal of Economics 111:3 (2009): 457–486 (with H. S. Nielsen and A. Celikaksoy).

  • “Overtime work, dual job holding and taxation.” Research in Labor Economics 28 (2009): 25–55 (with A. Frederiksen and E. Graversen).

  • “The gender pay gap in top corporate jobs in Denmark—Glass ceilings or sticky floors or both?” International Journal of Manpower 32:2 (2011): 156–177 (with V. Smith and M. Verner).

  • “Why are so few females promoted into CEO and vice-president positions? Danish Empirical Evidence 1997–2007.” Industrial and Labor Relations Review 66:2 (2013) (with V. Smith and M. Verner).