Michael L. Bognanno

Temple University, USA, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson


Compensation, Promotion, US poverty rates, Sports tournaments


United States


English - Native speaker

Media experience

Print, Digital, Television, Radio




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Current position

Associate Professor of Economics at Temple University, USA

Past positions

Director of Economics and Business at Temple University, Japan; Chair of the Department of Economics, Temple University, USA


PhD Labor Economics, Cornell University, 1990

Selected publications

  • "Do tournaments have incentive effects?" Journal of Political Economy 98:6 (1990): 1307–1324 (with R. G. Ehrenberg).

  • "International differences in executive and managerial compensation.” In: Differences and Changes in Wage Structures. National Bureau of Economic Research, 1995; pp. 67–104 (with J. M. Abowd).

  • "Corporate tournaments." Journal of Labor Economics 19:2 (2001): 290–315."Promotions, demotions, halo effects, and the earnings dynamics of American executives." Journal of Labor Economics 26:2 (2008): 287–310 (with C. Belzil).

  • “The promotion dynamics of American executives.” In Polachek, S. W., and K. Tatsiramos (eds). Jobs, Training, and Worker Well-Being (Research in Labor Economics, Volume 30). Emerald Group Publishing Limited, 2010; pp. 189–231 (with C. Belzil).