Ghazala Azmat

Queen Mary University of London, UK

IZA World of Labor role

Author, Topic spokesperson


Gender economics: labor market, Gender economics: education, Rank incentives, Relative performance feedback, In-work benefits, Tax credits


United Kingdom, France


English - Native speaker

Media experience

Print, Digital, Television



33 145497639

Current position

Associate Professor, Queen Mary University of London, UK

Past positions

Associate Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain, 2012–2013; Assistant Professor, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2006–2012


PhD, London School of Economics, 2006

Selected publications

  • “Gender gaps in unemployment rates in OECD countries.” Journal of Labor Economics 24:1 (2006): 1–38 (with M. Guell and A. Manning).

  • “Competition among contests.” RAND Journal of Economics 40:4 (2009): 743–768 (with M. Möller).

  • “The importance of relative performance feedback information: Evidence from a natural experiment using high school students.” Journal of Public Economics 94:7–8 (2010): 435–452 (with N. Iriberri).

  • “The impact of gender composition on team performance and decision-making: Evidence from the field.” Management Science 58:1 (2012): 73–98 (with J. Apesteguia and N. Iriberri).

  • “Privatization, entry regulation and the decline of labor’s share in GDP: A cross-country analysis of the network industries.” Economica 79 (2012): 470–492 (with A. Manning and J. Van Reenen).