December 19, 2014

Global press for our article on sexual orientation and labor market outcomes

Nick Drydakis’ piece on how sexual orientation affects earnings and job satisfaction received coverage from publications around the world.

The Daily Telegraph’s Lauren Davidson wrote a feature which was published online, with references to the article, and an interview with the author. This was followed by an opinion piece by The Daily Telegraph’s Patrick McAleenan, who wrote about the article’s relation to “sexuality stereotyping” and cultural assumptions about gender.

This story was also featured in the UK’s Mail Online, and the more targeted publications Gay Star News; Diva; Gay News Headlines; Pink News; and Headline News.

Several UK regional papers also picked up on the story, with coverage in Belfast, Cambridge, Shropshire, and the West Country, and mentions in News East and The Courier.

Meanwhile, our international reach spanned English language publications in Malaysia and Cyprus.

Alongside these fantastic write-ups, the article provoked some interesting comment on social media. Both Lauren Davidson and Patrick McAleenan from The Daily Telegraph tweeted alerts to their articles, and The Washington Post’s Lydia DePillis posted a link to our article itself.

The response so far shows how relevant IZA World of Labor research is to the general public and policymakers alike. We need this kind of debate and commentary to ensure that effective policies and regulations can be developed.

Read Nick Drydakis’ article here