Retail therapy: Commission publishes preliminary report on the e-commerce sector

19 Sep 2016
By Adam Glass, Oliver Fairhurst

The European Commission has released its long-anticipated preliminary report as part of the inquiry into e-commerce launched in May 2015. The report will be of interest to any businesses involved in e-commerce, and particularly those involved in online retail and distribution of digital content. This note focuses on the implications for those involved in the manufacture, distribution and retail of consumer goods.

While the glitterati of the fashi...

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  • Naughty pics and controversial clicks - new guidance on hyperlinks to third party content

    09 Sep 2016, By Oliver Fairhurst, David Deakin in Media & Entertainment, Intellectual Property

    The Court of Justice of the European Union yesterday released its judgment in GS Media v Sanoma, which is the latest in a series of judgments on the legality of posting links to third party content on the internet. Read more

  • Baby steps…or a step too far?

    08 Sep 2016, By Helen Coombes in Employment

    The Women & Equalities Committee recently published its inquiry findings on workplace pregnancy and maternity discrimination. This inquiry was launched after research last year by Department for Business, Innovation & Skills and the Equality and Human Rights Commission found that discrimination towards pregnant women and new mothers had doubled since similar research was carried out in 2005. Read more

  • Immigration programmes for low-skilled labour: alternatives to freedom of movement

    08 Sep 2016, By Andrew Osborne in Immigration and global mobility

    The UK relies on EU migrants for low-skilled labour. When the current immigration system was introduced in 2008, Tier 3 of the UK Points-Based System was earmarked for low-skilled immigration routes. Read more

  • The implications for data protection law in the UK and GDPR compliance plans in the eye of the Brexit Storm

    07 Sep 2016, By Dr. Nathalie Moreno in Data Protection

    On the 4th May 2016, a fundamental milestone in the history of EU Data protection law was reached with the adoption of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) achieving harmonisation of the rules across the EU after four years of hard-fought negotiations. Read more

  • Treat your (small) customer fairly or pay the price of more legislation?

    01 Sep 2016, By James Gill in Commercial, Retail, Hospitality & Leisure, Technology & Data

    Economic times are still pretty tough and likely to get tougher for small businesses up and down the country. Read more

  • Sherlock Holmes and the case of the vanishing director

    30 Aug 2016, By Nicola Mallett in Corporate Advisory, Corporate & M&A

    Any good director knows that they have a duty to act in accordance with the company's articles of association. These dictate how directors should be appointed and removed, how shares are transferred and how key decisions should be made. Yet real life isn’t always that neat in practice. So what happens if a company discovers that it has invalidly appointed directors over the past twelve years? A recent judgment tells us that company articles can be amended by conduct – but warns that your articles can still come back to bite you in the end. Read more

  • Shiny talent, shady dealing: the case of Mauro Milanese v Leyton Orient Football Club

    24 Aug 2016, By Sohrab Daneshku in Sport

    The fallout from senior level football terminations rarely extends to a trial in the High Court. Most disputes are settled or go to arbitration, which is a private process. Leyton Orient’s sacking of its Director of Football Mauro Milanese, however, prompted Milanese to sue the club for wrongful dismissal, and the case went to trial in March 2016. Judgment was given in May 2016. Read more

  • Calculating holiday pay new ET decision on voluntary overtime

    23 Aug 2016, By Emma Perera in Employment

    Last year, we reported on a decision of the Northern Ireland Court of Appeal that voluntary overtime might have to be included in the calculation of statutory holiday pay if it was a sufficiently permanent feature of remuneration. Read more

  • The London Olympic legacy dream was real – but four years on, is it still alive?

    18 Aug 2016, By Tom Merrick in Real Estate, Sport

    As we find ourselves enjoying both the carnival-style spectacle of Rio 2016 and the success of the British athletes at the Games, the build-up felt somewhat tainted by the media frenzy surrounding the clear health risks faced by the athletes and visitors (and the wider global community), the Russian doping scandal and the ongoing protesting on the streets of Rio. Read more

  • IPO waves through “should’ve” trade mark application

    17 Aug 2016, By Oliver Fairhurst, Steven Jennings in Intellectual Property, Trade Marks and Portfolio Management

    In a trade mark application that will raise a few bespectacled eyebrows, Specsavers has successfully managed get its application to register “should’ve” (as in, “should’ve gone to Specsavers”) past the examination stage at the UK’s Intellectual Property Office. Read more

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