Gordon Betcherman

University of Ottawa, Canada, and IZA, Germany

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Professor, School of International Development and Global Studies, University of Ottawa, Canada

Research interest

Labor economics, demography, social policy

Positions/functions as a policy advisor

Consultant to International Development Research Centre; and to Employment and Social Development Canada

Past positions

Sector Manager and Lead Economist, Human Development Unit, Europe and Central Asia Region, World Bank


PhD, University of California at Los Angeles, 1988

Selected publications

  • “Labor market regulation: What do we know about their impacts in Developing Countries?” World Bank Research Observer (Forthcoming).

  • “Do employment subsidies work? Evidence from regionally targeted subsidies in Turkey.” Labour Economics 17:4 (2010): 710–722 (with N. Meltem Daysal and C. Pagés).

  • “The limited job prospects of displaced workers: Evidence from two cities in China.” Economic Change and Restructuring 41:3 (2008): 187–207 (with N.-H. Blunch).