Benedikt Herz

European Commission, Belgium

Good policy relies on sound empirical evidence. For policymakers especially, IZA World of Labor is therefore an important outlet that covers a wide range of recent developments in labor economics

IZA World of Labor role


Current position

Economist, European Commission, Belgium

Research interest

Labor economics, applied economics


PhD Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2015

Selected publications

  • "Specific human capital and wait unemployment." Journal of Labor Economics (Forthcoming).

  • Border Effects in European Public Procurement. Working Paper, June 2017 (with X.-L. Varela-Irimia).

  • Structural Change and the Fertility Transition in the American South. University of Southern Denmark Discussion Papers on Business and Economics No. 6/2017, April 2017 (with P. Ager and M. Brueckner).

  • Accounting for Mismatch Unemployment. IZA Discussion Paper No. 8884, 2015 (with T. van Rens).

  • "On the fee elasticity of the demand for trademarks in Europe." Oxford Economic Papers 68:4 (2016): 1039–1061 (with M. Mejer).